Pakistan to get eight stealth attack submarines from China

Source: Daily Pakistan

China will export eight stealth attack submarines to Pakistan, as part of a deal signed earlier this year, according to People’s Daily.

In a conference to discuss the details of the arrangement, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation has confirmed the project. The corporation’s chairman, Hu Wenming, said the conference aimed to continue the spirit generated by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speeches on the Belt & Road Construction Work Symposium.

China is to provide the Pakistan Navy with eight modified diesel-electric attack submarines by 2028.

The majority of analysts speculate that the new submarine will be a lighter export version of the People Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)’s Type 039 and Type 041 Yuan-class conventional attack submarine, excluding the sub’s AIP system, which might be procured independently.

According to IHS Jane’s Fighting Ships, the Type 041 Yuan-class is “a diesel electric attack submarine (SSK), potentially with Stirling air-independent propulsion, that is armed with YJ-2 (YJ-82) anti-ship missiles and a combination of Yu-4 (SAET-50) passive homing and Yu-3 (SET-65E) active/passive homing torpedoes.”

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