German Kommandos Spezialkräfte preparing Mediterranean operations against ISIS arms Smugglers

Source: Der Spiegel

The Bundeswehr is preparing for offensive operations against arms smugglers of “Islamic State” in the Mediterranean. After SPIEGEL ONLINE information the Defense Department sent its first unit frogmen before the Libyan coast. The elite fighters the Navy are approaching there as part of the EU military operation “Sophia” underwater silently suspicious vessels to smuggle weapons for the IS to Libya, check the cargo and the crew set if weapons are found.

A total of around 30 soldiers of frogmen be laid into the Mediterranean in the coming weeks. As the elite soldiers of the Special Forces Command, they operate under the strictest secrecy. The Bundeswehr is thus obviously a tougher approach in the operation “Sophia” a.

So far, the EU mission, which consists of several warships, only observed the smuggling networks. Their findings should serve to reduce the number of the Mediterranean sent by smugglers refugee boats. In addition, have the warships, including currently the German tender “Werra” and the frigate ” Mecklenburg-Vorpommern “, already thousands of refugees rescued by their non-seaworthy boats and brought to safety.

The fight against smuggling but was until today more in the background. According to EU figures, only 70 suspects have been set and passed to the Italian authorities in the rescue of refugees so far. One reason for the small number of arrests, is that the mission is limited on sea area; none of the participating nations will conduct operations on the Libyan coast.

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