CIA sending ship full of arms to Kosovo army

Source: B92

A ship with a container full of the latest weaponry for the needs of (a future) Kosovo army is on its way across the Atlantic to the port of Durres in Alabania.

According to the newspaper, the dangerous cargo will be from there taken to Kosovo Security Forces bases. The daily further cites the data received by the Serbian security services, to report that “this conspirative arrangement is part of Pristina’s scenario to take control of the northern (Serb) part of the province.”

In addition, Vecernje Novosti reports, Serbian operatives have obtained information that the Kosovo secret service has distributed automatic rifles to some of the former and current associates in the southern part of (ethnically divided) Kosovska Mitrovica, as well as to other persons from “state institutions” who are trained to use them.

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  2. would anyone care to point out precise where within the constitution, the authority for the cia to be spending American tax payer money on a ship full of arms to give away to anyone? or to even buy the arms to begin with? or for the cia to even exist? because no such authority exists!


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