Finnish intel says Russia and China continue to actively deploy assets

Source: New Europe

“Several foreign intelligence agencies are operating actively on Finnish soil. Cyber-espionage campaigns are also targeted regularly at Finland,” said Pelttari when presenting the Security Intelligence Service’s (Supo) report, which specifically named Moscow and Beijing as the two principal actors that are actively stationing agents and carrying out activities inside the country.

Supo’s report linked Russia’s spy agency, the FSB, and its military intelligence counterpart, the GRU,  to cyber-espionage campaigns targeting governmental institutions, private and state companies that have been contracted by the Finnish government, and other corporations that are engaged in product development and service production in the energy sector.

China’s intelligence service has been publicly linked to cyber-espionage operations that utilise existing maintenance systems and new kinds of malware to hack into both private and state entities whose “The product development has been of particular interest for the Chinese.

Supo offered a stark warning to its counterparts across Europe and the United States when it said it is becoming increasingly difficult for intelligence services to thwart clandestine espionage campaigns by both the Russians and Chinese due to rapidly changing technological advances that the FSB and MSS, China’s spy service, effectively harness and use to their advantage.

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