Why is Israel forging secret ties with Sudan?

Source: Al Monitor

Israel’s Channel 10 revealed Nov. 27 that an Israeli Foreign Ministry envoy secretly met with Sudanese officials in 2017 in Istanbul, one of whom is close to current Sudanese Ambassador to Washington Mohammed Atta, who previously served as Sudan’s intelligence chief. The meeting paved the way for diplomatic overtures.

The head of the Sudanese-Israeli Friendship Association, Taraji Mustafa, revealed Nov. 30 that Tel Aviv wants to distance Khartoum from Iran and prevent the flow of weapons from its ports to the Sinai Peninsula and then to Hamas.

Israel might prioritize diplomatic ties with Sudan for security considerations, mainly to stop the arms supply to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli daily Maariv reported Dec. 1 that Israel has been conducting regional contacts, mostly in secret, with Arab countries such as Sudan, to market security tracking technology to stop weapons from reaching Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Arms are first transported from Libya to Sudan, all the way to Sinai and Gaza.


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