Russia is stepping up its political and military presence in Africa with Wagner Mercenaries

Source: Assenna


It may be difficult to spell or pronounce, but if the name Yevgeny Prigozhin rings a bell, it’s beacuse he was indicted for interfering in the 2016 US election.

The Russian businessman is also alleged to have helped Russia seize parts of Ukraine and turn the tide in the war in Syria.

Prigozhin is known as Vladimir Putin’s “chef” because of his catering company and links to the Kremlin.

According to Bloomberg, he’s now the man spearheading a deep reach into Africa with an army of mercenaries to take control and gain influence.

Prigozhin and his army of soldiers and operatives are offering security, arms training and electioneering services in exchange for increased control of the region, the media company reported last week.

This can be seen across the continent. In Sudan, the Wagner group has reportedly won gold and diamond concessions.

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