Defender Europe: U.S. military preparing for ‘worst-case scenario’ in Europe as coronavirus spreads among the ranks

Source: Washington Times


U.S. troops in Europe are preparing for the “worst-case scenario” as the coronavirus spreads across the continent, military leaders said Friday.

Gen. Tod D. Wolters, commander of U.S. European Command, said there are about 35 reported cases among American military personnel stationed in Europe.

But with the virus spreading quickly across the region and with countries such as Italy, France, Spain and others facing grave situations, the outlook for U.S. forces could deteriorate rapidly.

Still, Gen. Wolters stressed that U.S. forces in Europe remain fully prepared and that so far the virus has not impacted military readiness.

“As we currently sit, based off the trajectory of the virus spreading across Europe, we’re in a position … to be able to sustain the current readiness posture we have,” he said.