Predictive Programming: Tom Clancy’s The Division and the Corona Virus Connection

There have been many articles, videos and forums discussing the many movies, commercials and cartoons that have predicted many future events that have significantly devastated economies, dismantled civil liberties and engaged the world into perpetual war with “East Asia” (1984 Reference) and currently the new invisible enemy, the Corona Virus.

I have found interesting similarities between Tom Clancy’s The Division and the Corona Virus Pandemic

Tom Clancy’s The Division – On Black Friday 2015, a viral epidemic, transmitted by a virus planted on banknote sweeps through New York City.

1st known case of corona virus was traced back to November in China. Corona is Synonym of Crown- A crown is a unit of currency. New York City is currently the corona virus hot spot in America.

Examples of Corona Currency

  • Czech: koruna
  • Norwegian and Danish: krone
  • Icelandic and Faroese: króna
  • Swedish: krona
  • Greenlandic: koruuni
  • Northern Sami: ruvdna
  • Estonian: kroon
  • German: Krone (capital letter k)
  • Hungarian: korona
  • Slovak: koruna

Both occurred in the month of November, both are spread by “currency” and New York City is the hot zone.



Tom Clancy’s The Division: The disease, known as “The Dollar Flu”, causes widespread chaos, and major cities are placed under quarantine.

As More States Clamp Down, 1 in 4 Americans ( 85 Million) Now Under ‘Shelter in Place’ Orders Due to Coronavirus

What is the Stafford Act? Trump says he’s using it to declare ‘major disaster’ in response to coronavirus crisis


Tom Clancy’s The Division- The U.S. Government activates sleeper agents in the population who operate for the Strategic Homeland Division, or simply “the Division”, to assist emergency responders and National Guardsmen, Nathaniel the division agent who is a real person and prior ghost soldier and the Joint Task Force


Trump triggers Defense Production Act in coronavirus fight.  

Trump activates National Guard in California, New York and Washington state: ‘This is a war



I am anticipating that New York City in the coming days will classify certain areas as the “Dark Zone”.

Tom Clancy’s The Division-They also find a message from Keener, showing he has the technology to manufacture a new strain of Green Poison and intends to do so, and mysteriously tells the agent to explore the center of Manhattan, called the “Dark Zone.


Tom Clancy’s The Division- the Rioters, common street thugs in New York who generally want to take advantage of the quarantine, the Rikers, escapees from Rikers Island

Trump is considering releasing elderly, ‘totally nonviolent’ offenders from federal prisons amid coronavirus outbreak

US jails begin releasing prisoners to stem Covid-19 infections


Very strange cryptic similarities between Tom Clancy’s fictional world and the current situation with the Corona virus and New York City.