Mystery surrounds foiled ‘plot’ to liberate Venezuela

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Source: FT
It started with a routine police search on a road in northern Colombia. Within days the government of Venezuela was claiming it was proof of a foiled plot to “liberate” the country from its socialist rule, with echoes of past failed efforts to overthrow Latin American regimes.

The details of the alleged plot are murky. Officials in Washington deny it even existed. But it comes at a time of heightened tensions between the US and Venezuela, as the Trump administration steps up efforts to force President Nicolás Maduro to relinquish power.

The story began in Colombia on March 23, when police stopped a van on the Caribbean coast heading in the direction of Venezuela. In the back, according to the Colombian public prosecutors’ office, were 26 US-made semi-automatic rifles, helmets, night-vision goggles and flak jackets.

Three days later, a former Venezuelan general, Cliver Alcalá, said he was responsible for the cache. In a rambling and contradictory radio interview he said he and his supporters, “all committed to the liberation of Venezuela”, had planned “a military operation against the Maduro dictatorship”.

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