Italian Mob Trades Weapons for Looted Art From ISIS in Libya

Source:Daily Beast 

Quirico’s exposé uncovered an elaborate ring that is apparently operating in plain view. The illicit art is brought into Italy on Chinese-flagged cargo ships coming from Sirte to the Calabria port of Gioia Tauro, easily the most dangerous port in the country characterized by a mass of illegally constructed buildings mostly made out of abandoned ship containers. It is here that the ‘Ndrangheta has, for years, run the biggest drug-smuggling business in Europe.


On Monday, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano confirmed La Stampa’s reporting, adding that the Italian government is acutely aware the illegal ring of art-for-arms funds jihadi terrorism in nearby Libya. “We have studied the ‘GDP of terror’ and we know that one of the components is the commercialization of stolen art,” he told reporters. “The stolen artifacts feed ISIS and contribute to the GDP of terror.”


The Italian criminal gangs reportedly acquire the artifacts from jihadi tomb raiders in Libya in exchange for a wide range of weaponry, including Kalashnikov rifles and rocket-propelled grenades that the Camorra have in great supply from a long-standing arms-trafficking racket with Russia, Moldova, and the Ukraine.


The weapons are either smuggled back to Libya on the same container ships or left in Europe to be picked up by foreign fighters here. In September, Italy’s financial police discovered what they called “a veritable arsenal of the Camorra” in a stolen car in an abandoned parking lot in a slummy suburb of Naples. In the trunk, divided among duffel bags, were eight pistols, four sub-machine guns, an assault rifle, and 650 rounds of ammunition along with silencers for the weapons. The serial numbers had been scratched off all the weapons, according to police sources. The car was left unlocked, the weapons apparently ready for pickup by someone who could have easily smuggled them into Northern Europe.

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Former CIA chief: ‘Hacking foreign political parties? That’s what we do’

Source: IBT

Former US intelligence chief Michael Hayden, who has previously held top positions at the NSA and CIA, has admitted that US spy agencies – like their Russian counterparts – have previously hacked foreign political parties in past operations.

Speaking at an interview hosted by The Heritage Foundation this week (18 October), Hayden argued the main difference between the US and Russian intelligence groups is that the Kremlin has intentionally worked to “weaponise” stolen data to influence the political process.

“I have to admit my definition of what the Russians did [at the DNC] is, unfortunately, honourable state espionage,” Hayden explained, adding: “A foreign intelligence service getting the internal emails of a major political party in a major foreign adversary? Game on. That’s what we do.”

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Revealed: NSA built a 10,000 sq ft Tier III UK data center in 2011

Source: Data Center Dynamics

Fresh leaks reveal a $40 million expansion in the UK by the US military

The Royal Air Force Menwith Hill base in North Yorkshire, England has long been known to have some involvement in communications and intelligence support services for the United Kingdom and the United States military.

Now, thanks to recently released documents from Edward Snowden, we have a better idea about the scale of signals intelligence activities taking place at the site, and the data center infrastructure required to support it. Specifically, we know that the NSA built its first Tier III infrastructure, a 10,000 sq ft (923 sq m) data center, on the RAF base in 2011.

While a lot of the National Security Agency’s spy outposts are focused on tapping into the world’s network of submarine cables (as well as working with AT&T and Verizon), Menwith Hill has specialized in monitoring communications sent between foreign satellites and wireless communications on the ground, such as cellphone calls and WiFi traffic.


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Hungarian Intelligence Expert: Migration ‘Military Operation’ to Destroy Nation States

The question is why are migrants travel great distances to reach the shores of Europe when Israel, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait should provide humanitarian assistance to worn torn victims of Syria.  I agree with the former Hungarian intel chief that there is a geopolitical operation in action to economic and socially decay European nations with excessive migrants.  Who or whom are orchestrating the mass migration program is the million dollar question .

Source: Breibart

Former intelligence chief László Foldi has said that forces conspiring to open Europe’s borders are using the tactics of “fourth generation warfare” to turn the continent multicultural.

Former Director of Operations at the Hungarian Intelligence Services Foldi says the media, so-called humanitarian organisations, and Brussels work together to undermine Europe’s borders.

The spreading of such “outrageous lies”, Foldi asserts, are “not a random occurrence”. He reports that the episode is just the latest in a pattern of so-called humanitarian groups spreading false information to mobilise migrants.

These organisations, Foldi argues, serve a dual purpose of promoting open borders activism as model behaviour. Depicted by the media as humanitarians, and their actions pushed as being morally “correct”, he says this “has an effect on the average citizen, who is taken in by it”.

The intelligence expert points out that spreading disinformation so as to rally crowds of migrants towards European borders is not actually a humanitarian thing to do, and more resembles a direct attack on state policy.

“What we seeing every day here is a fourth generation military operation against Europe. Not using traditional weaponry to enforce a strategy, but using economic and social infrastructure, and one element of that is the actions carried out by civilian humanitarian organisations,” he explains.

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CIA using deep learning neural networks to predict social unrest five days before it happens

Source: IBT

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has upgraded its approach to surveillance by focusing on a new “technology-first” strategy that sees it using deep learning, neural networks to scan big data in order to predict when and where trouble is likely to occur in the US.

Neural networks are large networks of traditional computers that are trained using algorithms to solve complex problems, thus making them artificially intelligent beyond their individual capabilities. They work in a similar way to the human nervous system. Different layers of the neural network examine different parts of the problem and combine their results to produce an answer.

In October 2015, the CIA opened the Directorate for Digital Innovation in order to “accelerate the infusion of advanced digital and cyber capabilities” – the first new directorate to be created by the government agency since 1963.

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Russian FSB to decrypt all internet traffic

Looks that both the U.S. and Russian intel agencies are keeping busy with newly passed counter terrorism laws to access and snoop all internet traffic and email accounts. U.S. corporation Yahoo admitted to colluding with the FBI/NSA to filter stored and scan emails in real time. Yahoo is a failing corporation. Was there an amount of cash paid to Yahoo executives to give U.S. intelligence full access to client email? Of course  Yahoo competitors Google and Microsoft are claiming they have never been approached, but both have ties to the Pentagon/NSA. RelatedYahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence: sources , When Google Meets The Pentagon , Microsoft collaborated closely with NSA

Source: SCMagazine

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSS, or FSB) together with the country’s Ministry of Communications, are introducing of a set of technical procedures that will provide it with unencrypted access to the Internet traffic of all Russian citizens.

This move is the implementation of the recently approved Yarovaya Law, (a package of bills which amended a pre-existing counter-terrorism law as well as separate laws regulating counter-terror and public safety measures), which obliged  local and global IT companies, operating in Russia, including Google, “Yandex”, Group, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, “VKontakte” to provide encryption keys for their web-servers at the request of the FSB.

An FSB press-service representative told that there is a need to decrypt all traffic in real-time mode, analysing according to key parameters, and in particular on the basis of key words. This will allow the Russian special services to more efficiently fight cyber-threats and to prevent cyber- and other crime. The new law will not only help to prevent potential threats, but also build profiles of user behaviour on the Internet, that will even cover psychological state, and taste preferences.

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